Graphic & Video Designs

increase your brand’s visibility

Brand identity elements like logos, business cards, brochures, signage, van livery etc. enable you to deliver your core message to your audience and helps in distinguishing your brand from your competitors.

  • First impressions matter

    Whether it’s a website or the logo in an email signature, potential customers will judge a business in just a few seconds based on visual appeal alone.

  • Good design can be a differentiator

    Almost all businesses face competition and to set themselves apart they generally have differentiators like pricing, quality, customer service etc. But consider that good design can help a small business stand out too. A company’s visual communication plan serves many purposes, and making the business unique should be one of them.

  • Branding makes a business memorable

    Good quality graphic design gives businesses credibility and that’s priceless. No matter how great a product or service, with poor design, it’s unlikely anyone will stick around the company’s website or keep its email long enough to find out.

  • Good design saves time and money

    When businesses don’t take graphic design seriously in the beginning, they will more than likely go through a design overhaul eventually and in some cases, more than once. However, quality design has longevity. Paying for great graphic design one time is no more expensive than paying for subpar design multiple times. Not to mention, redesigning a business’ image over and over wastes time and can be detrimental to its brand.

  • Good design converts

    Design isn’t just about making things look pretty; effective design should entice and persuade. A well designed website can direct visitors to take action, like clicking a “buy” button for instance. A well designed catalogue compels readers to keep turning pages. Good quality graphic design has the potential to deliver measurable results for a business.

  • Design can tell a story

    It’s important that people get a feel for what a business does even if they’ve never heard of it before. Thoughtful design evokes the right image in customers’ minds.


Question and answer session with the client either in person, via WhatsApp or email.

A design brief clarifies what needs to be done, keeps the project on track, and saves time for everyone involved.

Time is spent reviewing the brief and asking followup questions before beginning more thorough research and brainstorming.

Taken into account are a client’s competitors, market trends, product or service differentiators, the history and future of the business, the current brand, and brand aspirations.

Multiple pen and paper sketches are made for idea generation and helps generate a strong set of possible directions.

Most sketches are made redundant, but the point is to explore as many directions as possible before narrowing it down to the strongest ideas.

The effective ideas are then developed in digital format. This stage involves transferring the options to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and finally to a PDF for the presentation.

Designs are shown in context using digital mock-ups (i.e., in situations where the design will be used upon project completion — as a brochure, on a billboard, Facebook advert etc.).

Then it’s over to the client to consider the designs and prepare feedback based on how the ideas fulfill the brief.

This involves finalizing an option or making revisions until exactly the right direction is reached.

The aim is to create designs that works for the respective business. There’s always flexibility here rather than the need for an immediate “yes” or “no.”

Artwork is supplied via email and/or made available for download. Specific file requests can be catered for.

My service doesn’t end once a client pays the final installment. Should any design-related questions crop-up, I’m on hand to provide an answer, or to offer assistance with design application.


  • Basic
    Ksh5OOper design
    • Flyers

    • Posters

    • Mockups

    • Social Media Posts

    • Social Media Headers

    • Ads & Marketing Posts

    • Any Single page Design

  • Popular
    Standard Package
    Ksh10,000per month
    • 3 Graphic Designs Weekly

    • 2 Social Reels Weekly

    • Online Ads & Marketing

    • Social Profiles & Headers

    • Brand Guidelines

  • Corporate Package
    Ksh30,000per month
    • Stationery Designs

    • Social Media Headers

    • Social Media Pack

    • Social Media Reels

    • Apparel & Merchandize Designs

    • Website Banner Ads

    • Brand Guidelines